Sines Carnival 2012 Official Program

Sines Carnival 2012 Official Program

Sines Carnival 2012 Official Program

The Carnival of Sines is a reference not only regionally but also nationally, with thousands of people travel each year to the town of Sines, to see one of the best carnivals in Portugal.

Official Opening Of The Carnival Of Sines 2012:

February 4 (Saturday)

21.00h-Salon of Music
Election of the Kings and small Kings of the Carnival of Sines 2012
Sofia Conçalves presentational and performance of Smack Tina T.

February 17 (Friday)

9.30-Avenida General Humberto Delgada
Arrival of small Kings of the Carnival of 2012 accompanied Sines
* The mascot for Folião *.
10:00 am-21 edition of Carnival of the Little Ones
Organization Parish of Sines

February 18 (Saturday)

10:00 am-Arrival of their Royal Highnesses the Sines Carnival 2012
Dicurso real musical animaçõa by the city.
15.00h-Salon of the People
Senior Carnival with Masked Ball with the accordionist Ricardo prensença Loginha.
Prizes for the best masks
Animaçõa musical city streets.
Organisation: Parish of Sines.
23:00 Space-Tent (sines)
Carnival Party Djs
Dj Sergio Delgado
Dj Rui Miguel

February 19 (Sunday)

Musical Animation 10:00 H-Town streets.
15:00 H-Avenida General Humberto Delgado
Carnival Parade in the presence of guests – Martha Andrino
(Actress Veronica-Novel of the Strawberries with Sugar TVI) and Sergio Mateus (apresentadorda RTP)
Samba groups, floats, revelers, and lots of entertainment Musicis Groups
22:00 Space-Tent (Sines) Carnival Ball with the set musicalNov Band @ @

February 20 (Monday)

10:00 am-Musical Entertainment on the streets of the City.
17.00h-Animation Music City streets.

21.00h-Avenida General Humberto Delgado
Carnival Night Parade with actress Marta Andrino and presenter Matthew Sergio.
Joy and light colored bo best carnival night in the country.
Samba groups, floats, bands, thousands of masked emuinto surprises.
23:00 Space-Tent (Sines)
Carnival Ball with the band musical ensemble Nov @ @
Presence of Covidados Andrino Martha and Sergio Mateus.

21st of February (Tuesday)

10:00 am-Musical animation through the city streets
15.00h-Avenida General Humberto Delgado
Dessfile prensença carnival with the actress and presenter Marta Andrino Sergio Mateus.
22:00 Space-Tent (Sines)
Carnival Ball with the musical group Band November @ @

Fevrereiro 22 (Wednesday)

22.00h-Burial of Shrovetide cocentração along with the Center for the Arts.
24.00-Closing ceremony of the Carnival of Sines 2012
Real Speech.

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