Monte Horizonte

Adults Only

Do you like peace and quiet, nature and stars, sun and empty beaches, delicious and cheap food and drink, safety and a perfect climate, then you have come to the right place for your holiday.

Monte Horizonte is a unique place where space, tranquility and respect for nature and for each other are central. To continue to guarantee this feeling, children under the age of 16 are unfortunately not allowed from 1 January 2019.

Monte Horizonte Holiday is a licensed rural tourism by Turismo de Portugal and located in the wonderful Alentejo region of Portugal at only 15 kms from the beach and just five kms to the historic city Santiago do Cacém. It is run completely on solar and wind energy. WiFi available around the reception area.

On our property of 50 acres (20 Ha.) we have 6 holiday homes available with all their own privacy.

On a domain of twenty hectares located in an ecological reserve you, will find the small eco-friendly complex Monte Horizonte. The electricity supply is entirely in solar and wind power. Wi-Fi is available..
Monte Horizonte has six holiday homes, each with its own terrace and a beautiful view. Due to its location near the Atlantic the weather here is wonderful, a dry heat with maximum summer 32 degrees during which it cools up to 17 degrees at night.

If you love nature, silence and stars, you are in the right place. Our location in the middle of nature ensures silence and peace and is the perfect place for you to even forget about stress and recharge your battery. This is not a hotel with rooms and gardens. We leave nature as it is for butterflies, birds and other animals. We have several independent houses located at least 40 meters from each other, with terraces located so as to give total privacy, no one can see you.
Our second activity is bird watching. We organize bird watching tours and we have a shelter to see the birds on our property, which the guest can use for a fee of 90 euros per day depending on availability.
Save some of the world:
We are managing Monte Horizonte only with solar and wind energy. So we ask our customers not to bring electric appliances that use a lot of energy such as toasters, Bimbis, electric grills, coffee machines etc. that is, appliances that heat up and, therefore, spend a lot of energy.
Please help us save some of the world for future generations. This is our way for future generations to have a great future too.

Away from it all, close to everything with Privacy, Silence, Safety, Nature, Stars, Flowers, Birds, Butterflies, Swimming Pool.
Here we hear nothing, only nature.

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Vacation in Portugal, Holiday in the Alentejo Alentejo region of Portugal. Holiday houses and cottages in the middle of nature, loads of privacy and complete silence on our small eco-resort.