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Adults Only Holiday Ecotourism Portugal Holiday Park

Do you also want to spend a peaceful holiday without having to watch out for splashing children, flying balls or loud shouts?

Monte Horizonte, situated between Lissaon and the Algarve, has decided after a long period of thought that from now on we will no longer allow children at our small ecotourism holiday park.

Flowers Portugal

Flowers Portugal

The reason for this is that we are located in a very beautiful nature area where you normally become deaf of silence, in short, you hear nothing here except nature sounds.

Thanks to our guests, this complete silence and tranquility is appreciated more and more, but in order to make it even better and to guarantee the peace and quiet we can no longer allow children to make noise.

Our facilities are also not aimed at ensuring that children can enjoy themselves here during the holiday. So actually the knife cuts on two sides. We no longer get children who complain that there is nothing to do here and we can focus even better on what Monte Horizonte is initially meant for:

A complete nature experience.



Our 6 holiday homes on our 20 hectare estate are located in such a way that one can not see the neighbors. The terraces of the holiday homes offer complete privacy.

We are now 10 years working to develop Monte Horizonte to a nature paradise and by nature as much as possible to go its way we see each year an increase in the number of species and numbers of orchids, butterflies, mushrooms, birds and other species. More information can be found on our website https://montehorizonte.nl.

We also do our bit for pollution. Our complete holiday park including swimming pool runs entirely on solar and wind energy.

But there is much more.

Because we do not have light pollution here, the starry sky above Monte Horizonte is a spectacle. The Milky Way can be clearly seen with the naked eye.

The Alentejo region in which Monte Horizonte is located is also called the best kept secret of Portugal. The space that is still here is simply amazing while the infrastructure is very good. Files do not occur here.

But what about the delicious food and drinks which is very cheap for Dutch standards and surprisingly tasty.

And where can you still be alone on the beach in high season? So here.

We have not talked about culture yet, but that is also abundantly present. A 5 minute drive away is the historic town of Santiago do Cacém where Roman excavations and many traces of the Moorish and Roman times can be seen. Évora, world monuments city is an hour away and is definitely a must.

In short, you are looking for a quiet place to spend your holidays and enjoy nature, but also with the possibilities to do fun activities, then you have come to the right place.

Huge Discount for Winter Holidays in Portugal

Come and spend the winter with us in the Alentejo region of Portugal with a high discount and enjoy the peace and quiet at our Adults Only holiday park.

Also for the Christmas holidays and New Year you can enjoy complete silence here, guaranteed fireworks free.

We have a lot to offer for people who are looking for nature and tranquility. Also in the winter there are plenty of butterflies, the flowers start to bloom, among them different orchids and there are plenty of birds to see.

Even with New Year’s Eve it is quiet here, no fireworks can be heard, pure enjoyment of the silence. The cottages we offer are equipped with wood stoves which guarantees a pleasant stay when it cools down in the evening.

Eating out in the nearby town is very cheap and the beaches are deserted, although for Dutch standards they are also very quiet in the summer.

We offer discounts on 3 of our cottages during the months of November, December, January and February according to the following table:

Length of stay Discount
2 weeks 20%
3 weeks 30%
4 weeks 40%
5 weeks or more 50%

The holiday homes that we have available are casa Camélia with 1 bedroom, casa Mimosa with 1 bedroom, and casa Pássaro with 2 bedrooms.

Monte Horizonte is a perfect base for different cultural tours, different nature reserves and beautiful beaches. And in the culinary field it is just enjoyment.

Winter Holiday Portugal

Flowers in winter

Adults Only Holidays in Portugal Winter Discount

The Alentejo attracts more tourists every year, which is not surprising because it has a lot to offer. Culture, nature, beautiful unspoilt beaches, sports, but mainly authenticity.

The people in the Alentejo region of Portugal are friendly, the wines are tasty and the food is honest and affordable.

More and more people discover the Alentejo as a great place to spend the winter months, the weather is similar to the weather in the Algarve, but it is less crowded.

We offer special rates for the winter months (January-March) for all our holiday homes from 2 to 4 people.

Meet the Alentejo this winter! For more information regarding our special prices email us or visit our website http://montehorzonte.nl for more general information.

Holidays in Portugal, Alentejo holidays.

Last Minute Summer Holiday Promotion 2012 Alentejo, Portugal

Summer Holiday Promotion 2012 in the Alentejo, Portugal

Last Minute Summer Holiday Promotion 2012!

Swimmingpool Holiday Alentejo Portugal

  Last minute promotion for the month of July. Book 4 nights or more and get 20% discount. 


Browse holiday homes:

Holiday house Alentejo Portugal

Holiday house Camelia is a 1 bedroom holiday house for 2 people. 



Holiday home Alentejo Portugal

Holiday house Mimosa is a 1 bedroom holiday house for 2 people. 



Holidayhouse Alentejo Portugal

Holiday house Oliveira is a 1 bedroom holiday house for 2 people. 



Holiday bungalow Alentejo Portugal

Holiday cottage Borboleta is a 2 bedroom cottage for 4 people. 



Holiday cottage Alentejo Portugal

Holiday cottage Passaro is a 2 bedroom holiday cottage for 4 people. 


Hliday villa Alentejo Portugal

Holiday Villa Sobreiro is a villa with 2 bedrooms for 4 persons.

More information about our homes and availability on our website https://montehorizonte.com

Eco resort in the Alentejo Portugal

Eco resort in the Alentejo Portugal

Monte Horizonte is a small scale eco resort with 6 vacation houses spread over a property of 50 acres. It is not only green because it is run on solar and wind energy but also because it is located in an ecological reserve and surrounded by nature.

apartment holidayhouse cottage alentejo portugal holiday
Casa Camelia T1 Casa Oliveira T1 Casa Mimosa T1 Casa Borboleta T2 Casa Passaro T2 Casa Sobreiro T2

On the 50 acre (20 Ha.) property nearby the historic town of Santiago do Cacém but also close to the wonderful and quiet beaches of the Alentejo region in Portugal there are 6 vacation rentals available with all their own privacy.

The holiday house Casa Camelia is a detached one bedroom house with a king double bed and views to the South. The terrace is completely private. 

The vacation cottage Casa Oliveira is a detached one bedroom cottage with two sperate single beds and the terrace is on the south-west to enjoy the evening sun.

The vacation home Casa Mimosa is a detached one bedroom vacation home with a king double bed and views to the south east.

The vacation villa Casa Sobreiro is a detached vacation villa with 2 bedrooms. One bedroom has a king size double bed, the other bedroom 2 single beds. The terrace is facing east to enjoy the morning sun.

The vacation apartments Casa Borboleta and Casa Pássaro are semi detached holiday homes, both have 2 bedrooms. They can be rented together as Monte Horizonte. 

All holiday houses are fitted with modern conveniences. The swimming pool of 9,5 by 5,5 meters is for use for guests only and has fantastic views over the surrounding area. 

The Alentejo in Portugal is an idyllic tourism region for those seeking sun, sea, beach, relaxation, nature and local culture. It is also a year-round destination for fans of the great outdoors, with cycling, mountain biking, walking, horse riding, bird watching, nordic walking and water sports among the many touristic activities available.




Monte Horizonte




Samouqueira Beach
Swimmingpool Monte Horizonte
Sines, Vasco da Gama overlooking the ocean
Monte Horizonte T4 – 8 to 12 persons
Casa Camelia T1- 2 to 4 persons
Casa Oliveira T1- 2 to 4 persons
Casa Mimosa T1- 2 to 4 persons
Casa Borboleta T2- 4 to 6  persons
Casa Passaro T2- 4 to 6 persons
Casa Sobreiro T2- 4 to 6 persons

Vila Nova de Santo André

Vila Nova de Santo André, usually just called Santo André, is a city located near the Atlantic Ocean and belonging to the municipality of Santiago do Cacém, Alentejo Litoral in Portugal.

Santo André, first a parish then a village, started to turn into a meeting point for people of the land and people of the sea.

The main income source was the rice culture. The rice cycle, that started in 1804, would only end in 1974, when the Gabinete da Área de Sines (an organism created on June 19, 1971, that created and managed the Santo André as an Urban Center up until the December 29, 1988, when it was extinct) started a new cycle that would come to be known as concrete cycle.

In the beginning of 1973, taking advantage of the oil exploration in that was taking place in Cabinda and providing huge amounts of oil, the Portuguese government decided to create and industrial complex destined to implant the petrochemical exploration in the country, and thus make a stand in the European context where industries of this type were already being developed and used to create wealth.

Thus, the Urban Center of Santo André was born, which would be raised to city on July 1, 2003.

As there was a preoccupation with the environment as well as with the health of the industrial complex's workers, Santo André was kept at a minimum distance of 10 km and a pine forest that works as a protection from eventual catastrophe.

Santo André is located in the region of Alentejo, in Portugal, and belongs to the municipality of Santiago do Cacém, in the subregion of Alentejo Litoral.

It is very near the sea (2 km) and also near the Alentejo Southwest and Vicentina Coast,a protected area. Its climate is temperate, ranging from 8°C–18°C in the winter and 20º–35º in the summer. Thin-sand soil can be found in some places and in the city there are a lot of pine trees.

There are some extensive sandy beaches within. The extensive forest that protects Santo André is a good example of possible respect between the protection of the environment and the industrial development.

Santo André was built during the 1970s to answer the housing needs of the workers of the industrial complex of Sines. For the next two decades it attracted inhabitants from all over the country and especially people from Portugal's African ex-colonies. These people were mainly skilled technicians and people with an average education (9th–12th grade) or higher (university). This originated a very young population with a wealth considerably higher than the national average. Santo André's inhabitants enjoy a higher-than-average living quality, for which the beaches, as well as the proximity of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, help contribute. Sines, only a few minutes from Santo André, by car, is one of the most dynamic cities of the Alentejo, having kept all its historical charm. It still represents a main center for development in the province of Alentejo, especially since the University was built in Santo André.

Before Santo André was built the locals made their livings from fishing (in the sea and in the lagoon), agriculture (mainly rice) and fairs.

Nowadays, industry is very important to the economy, giving work to thousands of the people of Santo André. Local commerce is also important, but on a smaller scale.

Natural Beaches

There are beaches of fine sand and a sea of infinity blue. The golden sand beaches seems to have no limits. The paths of the "Blue Coast" (as it is classified) seem to characterize the landscape of Alentejo. The first impression one has (when in Portugal) when talking about the Alentejo is the image of a burning plane (this is one of Portugal's hottest regions). However there are dozens of kilometers of beach all throughout the seaside of Alentejo's coast, ranging from Sado's southern margin (in Tróia) to the beginning of the Algarve. The giant extension of sand that connects Tróia to Sines, with over 60 km, has some of the best beaches in Portugal (better water quality, cleaner sand and water, as well as good surf spots, than most of the country). They are of a very thin sand, and of a bluish tranquility:

"Costa" (Coast) beach – has watchers; good for surfing, windsurfing and fishing
"Areias Brancas" (White Sands) beach – ideal windsurf conditions.
"Fonte do Cortiço" (Cork Fountain) beach – good windsurf conditions and
considered one of this area's natural sanctuaries.
"Monte Velho" (Old Mountain) beach – good windsurf conditions; classified
by the Environment Ministry as a Golden Beach for presenting itself as one of the best-preserved beaches in the country; it is a part of the protected area of the Lagoons of Sancha and Santo André and contains several walking trails through its dunes, that lead to places of natural and ecological value.

Lagoa de Santo André Beach

Situated in the Santiago do Cacém charming department, the Santo André Lagoon is one of those places blessed by nature.

The pond is quite extensive, surrounded by golden dunes and a diversified avifauna, making of this a very pleasant place, filled with peace of mind and beauty.

Along with the Sancha Lagoon, the Natural Reserves of the Santo André and Sancha Lagoons was created in order to preserve and protect this important natural areas that house interesting and unique habitats of great natural value, providing superb landscapes.

Lagoa de Santo Andre Beach

Aberta Nova Beach

The Aberta Nova Beach is nature at its purest. Indeed, the large expanse of this beach has survived broadly untouched by human activity even while there is a lifeguard and a café.

Considered one of the best beaches in the region, the Aberta Nova Beach gives way to dunes and a pine forest, the original natural habitat of this region. 

Aberta Nova Beach

Samouqueira Beach – Porto Côvo

Samouqueira Beach is one in a series of sandy stretches to be found among the rocks, difficult to reach but of great natural beauty, including the Vieirinha, Oliveirinha, Foz and Burrinho beaches.

Surrounded by cliffs, but easier to access courtesy of the stairs carved into the rock, Samouqueira Beach features a series of impressive caves which can be wandered at low tide and otherwise provide highly interesting diving conditions.

Samouqueira Beach

Praia de São Torpes Norte

PRAIA DE SÃO TORPES NORTE is situated in a natural environment.
The natural beach environment mainly consists of dunes but isn’t particularly pretty.
The sand is very fine and white. The beach is very clean. The seawater is a beautiful shade of light blue and is crystal clear. The water is clean.
PRAIA DE S. TORPES NORTE is quite short and rather narrow. The beach is quite flat. There are places to eat and drink within a stone’s throw of the beach.
The beach is easily accessible. There is good parking near the beach.

Sao Torpes Beach