Surf Information

During your holiday at Monte Horizonte you can also get active.

The Alentejo coast is great for surfers also. During you vacation you can learn to surf or hire your holiday surf board etc. And for those of you who want to learn surfing there are several surf schools. Here is one example of a surf school:

Costazul Project was born on the Alentejo coast in 2003.

The beautiful beaches and the perfect climate of this region makes it one of the best places to expend holidays and learn how to surf.


A large team of instructors always be with you in all moments, shoal you all what the sea can give you.

We have as our objective – to implement, to develop and to divulge surf in Costa Alentejana being this one of the best zones for this practises in Portugal and in Europe. 

The insertion in the natural park, our type of beaches, climate and the constant swells provides to unforgettable days to all the loving ones of this modality in great growth.

We also intend that the growth is made of organized and healthful form.
We give ours contribute through our services, permitted by the Natural Park, G.D.T., and council of Sines.

Holiday in Portugal, vacation in the Alentejo.