Lagoas de Santo André e da Sancha Nature Reserve

Lagoas de Santo André e da Sancha Nature Reserve (3.135 ha) includes two coastal ponds, small ponds in dune depressions, the “poços” (“wells”), and an adjacent marine section, area with sandy substrate abundant in annelids and bivalves, that serve as food to several marine fish species.

Of the ichthyological fauna (fishes) of Santo André lagoon we highlight the European eel and the roach, a rare species in Portugal. Birds are the most important fauna group since the reserve is on an important migratory corridor and contains a diversity of resting places as well as abundant food resources. The list of bird species exceeds 270 and it is common to find groups of several thousands of wader.

Red-knobbed Coot Lagoa de Santo André
Red-knobbed Coot

The vegetation includes reedbeds, rushes and willow woods and also maritime pine plantations and Atlantic shrub land including some Portuguese endemic species such as  Linaria bipunctata subsp. glutinosa and Armeria rouyana. The vegetation mosaic diversity, a varied topography, the presence of water plains, the proximity to the sea and the luminosity give a clear landscape interest to the set.

It is very easy reachable from Monte Horizonte.